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Reflexology uses various thumb and finger movements to stimulate or disperse energy of the various reflex areas of the feet.  There are over 7,000 plus nerve endings in the feet.  Nerve pathways can be stimulated to improve circulation, and congestion can be cleared.  Stimulating reflex points in the feet can help to facilitate the body to balance and assist in a natural way of healing.  Reflexology improves circulation throughout the body; improves the immune system to function better; helps in relaxation due to stress; decreases pain; aids the body in detoxing.  Reflexology facilitates healing of neuropathy, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, back pain, edema, arthritis, and more.  My office is located in Ashland, Oregon.


Amethyst Biomat

An amethyst biomat is a tri-synergy system that combines far infrared, negative ions, and Korean amethyst crystals together.  Far infrared is a natural light-wave discovered by NASA.  This tri-synergy system helps to purify our blood; revives cells; reduces swelling and inflammation; initiates enzyme activity; balances ph; reduces stress and fatigue; removes toxins; eases joint pain and stiffness; and balances mental and emotional energies.  It helps in infinite healing possibilities.



Pat always makes me feel better with her treatments.

- Paul


Pat is a highly intuitive healer who engages you with respect and compassion for where you are in your journey. For me personally, I have expericed many profound energetic shifts and clearing of blocked energy. After a session with Pat I feel clearer, lighter and have more energy for the day. I highly recommend her services, in fact I have referred several of my friends to her.

- Michael


I am very grateful for the calm, healing and deeply caring attention that Pat offers. I have received both the foot reflexology and healing touch sessions and Pat is very skilled in providing these treatments. She is a gifted healer with remarkable intuition and these attributes, blended with her background in traditional medicine, make for a well balanced and knowledgeable approach to healing. Pat radiates compassion, wisdom, awareness and experience which along with her engaging laugh and nuturing energetic quality make her sessions enjoyable, soothing and inspiring.

- Carrie


medford reflexology specialist oregon


Patricia Dykes, BSN

Certified Reflexologist


I am a retired nurse with 40 plus years experience. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing with graduate studies in community health. I have worked in all areas of nursing – including surgical/medical intensive care; 10 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD in a bone marrow transplant unit working with cancer patients; 10 years as a Hospice Case Manager in Baltimore MD area. I am a Reiki Master; certified Reflexologist using the European reflexology techniques; Healing Touch practitioner with 30 years experience, taught 2 semesters with nursing students both in theory and clinical in a junior college in Calif; trained at a metaphysical school called Delphi University in GA; certified in Vitaflex Tibetan massage techniques developed by Tibetan Monks. I am a Soma Energetics practitioner using salfeggio tuning forks for Vibrational/Sound healing. I am now using specific tuning forks to activate the DNA/RNA codes for the purpose to release blocked energy and create a free flow of energy to help in the healing process. Currently learning and using Modern Energy Tapping Techniques to help reduce emotional distress so that the body can rebalance and heal. 




"Reflexology is Truly MAGIC!


  I have been a client of Pat for several months.  I was referred by a family member w/diabetes.  I had numbness in my feet from diabetes as well.  She has been able to give me back my feet by calming the tense nerves and knotted muscles not only in my feet but my whole body (no more pain pills which really didn't help).  Now, I can't stop smiling and feeling full of energy and 20 years younger w/renewed interest in life."