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We use Reflexology to help relax and improve your general health.

What is Reflexology?

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Reflexology uses various thumb and finger movements to stimulate or disperse energy of the various reflex areas of the feet.  There are over 7,000 plus nerve endings in the feet.  Nerve pathways can be stimulated to improve circulation, and congestion can be cleared.  Stimulating reflex points in the feet can help to facilitate the body to balance and assist in a natural way of healing.  Reflexology improves circulation throughout the body; improves the immune system to function better; helps in relaxation due to stress; decreases pain; aids the body in detoxing.  Reflexology facilitates healing of neuropathy, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, back pain, edema, arthritis, and more.  My office is located in Medford, Oregon.

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